Posted on: February 18, 2009 1:06 pm

My View on Steriods

I have been trying to debate who is at fault regarding the steriods and MLB issue.  Initally I put the fault on the players.  After all they are adults.  They need to take responsibility for their actions.  Then I thought, well if it is not against the rules then can you blame them?  After all, you get paid more if you play better and I would be ticked off if I lost my job to a guy who was on the juice.  My reaction might be to start taking the juice in order to get my job back (or get a bigger contract).  Then I read an article that revealed to me that in 1995 Selig (who I am not a big fan of) went to the players and said 'We believe steriods is an issue and we want to begin testing.'  The MLB Players union fought this to the core.  I ask you who were the players representing the union at these meetings.  It must have been Jose Canseco or McGwire right?  Nope, the list included players like David Cone.   Now I do not suspect that Cone took steriods (maybe he did) but here is my question.  If you were a player who did not take steriods and you knew (or even just thought) that others were taking steriods, why were you not standing on the mountain top screaming for proper testing?

So here is my opinion.  For those who did cheat and for those who chose to turn their heads.  Break your records forget the ***, but do not allow ANY PLAYER who played in this era (1995-2003) into the HOF.  So sorry Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken Jr, Curt Shilling, does your efforts on the field qualify you for the HOF, absolutely.  It is your disgard for the state of the game that keeps you out.

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